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Serious Stuff


Here are a few of my poems, I hope you enjoy. I have a lot more where these came from and will be posting them as I have time to dig them up! Feel free to share yours with me at the "Submit Yours" button.

Back to You

Every day comes to a close
Every close comes to a day
Every thought turns back to you
Every smile turns back to pain
Leaves blow a cold breeze
A memory with the chill
Eyes burn hands freeze
Desire remains

Mixed Metaphores

You are a black Bentley
I am a yellow T-Bird
I am common sense
You are to be learned
You are a symphony
Or a popular rock song
I am circus music
Some African beat gone wrong
Or maybe I’m a scratchy old tune
Sung by Edith Piaf
Something so right
And still kind of off
I am the ocean
You are a pond
You are a budget
And I’m a magic wand
I am shag carpet
You’re a marble floor
You are an escort
And I am a whore
You’re a full day
And I’m a long night
You are give up
And I am all fight
You are roots
And I am wings
You are a punch
And I am a sting
You prepare
And I pray
You give up
And I stay
I am up
You are down
I always swim
And you sometimes drown
I stay awake
And you’re a long nap
I’m full of shit
But you’re full of crap
We are the same side
Of a different coin
We are warped wood
That won’t join
We are gone
We are over
We are through
No more we
Just me
Just you
I am free form
And you are rhyme
I’m always late
You’re on time
We are both good
And as sincere as we can be
You are just you
And I am just me
We don’t go together
That much is clear
It’s hard for you to say
And hard for me to hear

The Moon or Traveler

I flew to the moon
It was as beautiful
As one would expect
But so far away and so very illuminated
No shadows to hid in
Nothing to avoid
The earth looked like something I
Could admire
And forget
I came back
Because the moon
Was too

Here are some "serious submittals" from my fans... powerful stuff. Keep on sending them, I love it all! Feel free to comment.

Title: a place in the heart

Author: D. Mark McElligott

there's a place in the heart that's alive beyond living
and it's deep and it's strong but it carries no shield
and it cries to be needed, and needs to be giving
but the one way to use it
is lay it defenseless
at risk of a wounding
that can never be healed

there's a place in my heart where your smile lives forever
and it rests in a memory of my sweetest pain
and the scar from it's birth after we were together
is soothed by the memory
along with the hope
that possibly someday
I'll see you again

this secretest place of the heart is for many
a place that has never been damaged or bruised
but the truth is that this thought is sadder than any
for the fact that it's unharmed
is proof of the theory
that this is a heart
that has never been used

there's a place in my heart where you'll live on forever
and no matter what happens you'll never grow old
and the pain that I carry will always be better
than a heart that was shielded
and a life lived without you
and a love never started
and a future so cold

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