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Robert Pabon @ Carlo Marco Salon in Greenwhich Village

Robert has done my hair color and cut for almost 10 years he is one of the most talented and loyal people I know and has become a VERY close friend as well. Roberts career is important to him and his clients matter more then anything to him he actually believes me when I have a hair emergency and has even flown over to my apt from another borough on a Sunday night to freshen up my look. I also adore the salon where he works now it is in the village which is near my home and in a very hip neighborhood and yet VERY affordable. The salon is very loyal as well and I haven't seen one person leave who didn't look a million times better then when they walked in even if they just dropped by for a blow out (which is a great way to treat your self on a day when you feel the uglies.)

I just came back from the road and was so frustrated with the grays popping up daily that I used a rinse from the drug store to cover it up I covered it up ok and it looked really orange Robert took one look at e and the owners of the salon nodded as he promised to come in Monday (Columbus Day… Salon is closed) and open for me and throw in some highlights before I go back on the road… what a guy what a salon. I have taken my mother in when she came to visit with a hair disaster from Virginia and the salon hooked mom up. So even if you do not live in NYC write down the Salon and Roberts name and when you are in the City visiting spend a shopping day in the village and get a little touch up on your look you will LOVE it and he is great.  Of course when you call to make an appointment tell them you heard about him from me and they will fit you in no matter what. Phone number for Salon Carlo Marco Salon- 212-646-4636

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