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Alright people, let me be straight with you. Getting older stinks! Well, not totally, I mean I am much wiser and have MANY more freedoms than I did as a child. I mean I can eat cereal for dinner out of a salad bowl (which I do often and it is by far one of my favorite adult freedoms).

With age comes wisdom and RESPONSIBILITY and that makes aging exhausting, in my opinion. I wanted to have a place on my website where I could pay homage and share a bit with fans and friends the people and services that make my life a little easier. This is NOT me doing endorsement deals although, I may get some perks from some of these people. Those perks are mostly just from being friends with these various people, because God knows they get nothing from sucking up to me other then loyalty and a great appreciation, and ok maybe an occasional baked good. Now, I have decided this is a great forum and a terrific way to pay back the so many people who support me and make my Life easier. Remember, there are many, many people and services that add to my life (too many to list them all) but these listed will be people I feel you too can benefit from. Of course not everything is for everyone, feel free to apple pick what you need and drop my name as much as possible.

The first four are the four that I just can't live without... (most of the services listed will be in NY) since I live here, but I am in LA a lot and as those occur I will list them as well.

Click on the images to read more! Or click on the menu to the left for more as they become available.

William Kestin, M.D.

Dynamaxx Energy Drink

Robert Pabon Carlo Marco Studio
Kathy Salon G
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