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So here are the straight up facts I have A.D.D. and have been on adderal for years (going on 6 now) I cant stand that I am on medication. Now, in the past year or so have I had MAJOR trouble sleeping coming home late from gigs wired from performing I would be just falling asleep as the sun was rising if I was lucky that is. My doctor has prescribed different medications over the years for sleep. First Ambien that was a disaster it was a total DRUG. At first it works like a gem then I would stay awake longer then I should I would hallucinate and worst of all EAT late at night even cook food I would wake up in the morning and barely remember using the stove!! NOT GOOD!

So I totally put an end to that never even got a second prescription then I spoke to several people who had the same problems with Ambien. Next we tried neurontin and some other anti-anxiety medication that worked but would leave me feeling creepy the next day. Finally, now I am on Xanax for taking the edge off to sleep. I don't have to tell you cause you can turn the news on to see that any kind of pills combined with a solitary life on the road is a slippery slope... but one I really didn't see my self getting off of any time soon. With the economy in the toilet I have had to work extra gigs just to make ends meet of course this is stressful and in the end I would come home stressed from a trip with my body aching and I would be sooo exhausted. It is only in recent months that this has begun to change. I was on the phone with one of my other best friends (Nick) who lives in Florida and invests money for companies and is seriously one of the smartest most even keeled men I have ever met. I was talking to Nick, actually I think I was crying about being exhausted and all the stress, he told me I should try this energy drink and told the company also made a drink that helped you sleep. He told me it was all natural and then said I could sell it as well and wouldn't have to work much and could make some extra cash.

OK - RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG!!! Right?! If this wasn't one of my very best friends (who I even dated a million years ago so I have actually seen the guy naked and trust him completely) I would have just told him to shove his great plan on how to save me from the mire I was drowning in. Nick is one of the healthiest people I know and definitely one of the most honest so I said what the hell, I will try it, but scolded him with "Nicky I'm not buying anything right now" he laughed me off and said, "No worries Lynnie, I will send you samples if you like it I will buy it for you as a gift." That was right up my alley, but still I had to send the samples to my doctor because I am on medication and couldn't run the risk of shit counteracting each other - even though Nick kept swearing how NATURAL Dynamaxx is. I told him as I will tell you… natural does not always mean good. For example hemlock, white oleander and magic mushrooms are all natural and yet two of those things are fatal and one has a major way of altering a person state (so I'm told).

So the doctor gave it a glowing recommendation upon reading the ingredient - I tried it and was instantly hooked. I almost never use Xanax any more I use it some times during the day like half a pill for stress but do NOT need it to sleep any longer and have almost completely cut out coffee and now I am currently halving my Adderal in take. I really like both the lights on and lights off - I DO NOT recommend anyone cut their medication without talking to their doctor first. But for me these two little powdered drinks have been a Miracle and I am selling it! Hilarious! But why not, I like it and I don't have to do much and I figured why not if you believe in it and I can always use a little extra cash on the road.

If you click on the link you can go to the website get samples or call Nick if you want to get any info on possibly selling the product or any thing else you want to know about it just call us. We can get samples out to you right away might as well try it and please give us your feedback as well.


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