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Dr. Bill Kestin! He is a little known treasure! One of my best friends (Debbie) turned me onto him about 3 years ago right before I turned 40! And he has kept me looking 39 for the past 3 years. He is an ophthalmologist, which makes him a REAL doctor and a person that is VERY familiar with the face and the things it does when manipulated. I tell you this because he is the man who gives me Botox and Restylane and all other kinds of fun new age stopping devices. He is always looking for new devices to better his work (which is already pretty great! I mean he is coming out in a MAJOR Magazine in spring where he is named NY's "FACE GURU" -- I think that's what they call him, something like that and well, anything like that would be accurate).

He is amazing! He is straight-forward, gentle, funny and kind. I mention these qualities because it is so humbling having to see someone about this and in a time of economic strife most of us feel REALLY uncomfortable asking, ugh, what do I REALLY need! Ha! Well, Dr. Bill gets it! He will be honest with you and he will explain what the work he is going to do for you will do to your face, girls he is REALLY something. The first time I went to Dr B, I was on a major television show and had a good amount of cash and tried to get Dr. Bill to do more work on me he refused, telling me that being a comic I needed to have some expression! I couldn't believe my ears was that "integrity"?! It was. And in three years I haven't seen him waver in that integrity once. Not only have I been going to him loyally and save for treatments with Dr. Bill as some save for their child's college educations (luckily for me I don't have children, ha!), but I have actually become friends with Dr. Bill and his family. The Kestins are comprised of two hilarious, outspoken sweets boys whom I truly ADORE (I HAVE ACTUALLY GONE TO A CHILDREN'S MOVIE IN PUBLIC AND WORE 3D GLASSES… SO YOU KNOW I LOVE THESE KIDS!), and his gorgeous wife Stacy who is a great billboard for Dr. B's work and how natural it is. I say that because so many women look plastic from getting work done, Dr. Bill always aims to leave his patients looking refreshed, which he does. If you don't believe me, you can see it. I have posted on this site a video of me getting my last treatments about 5 months ago (its past time for more, but I have been on the road and don't even have time for two more weeks to get more treatments - sorry Kansas City and Denver you will have to see the real me!!! LOL).

I wanted to post the video because I want you to see how quickly some of these procedures begin to work and how sweet and approachable Dr. B is, even though he is on Madison Avenue in a new posh salon and will be listed in a major publication, he is still VERY approachable and affordable to REAL people. The Kestins, and I say "Kestins" because Stacy, Dr. Bill's wife is a certified life coach and also THE best listener I have ever met - she can be reached through his salon as well. Anyway, the Kestins make time for everyone right down to actually letting me and a select group of others in dire need come to their home sometimes (before he was on Madison Ave and easy to get to) for treatments. They have had me to their home for dinner and I really believe that to meet this family is to have many angels on your side.

I am sure you are saying to yourself - we get it Lynne you love the Kestins, but how much!?! I am sure this is how you are thinking because it is how I would think. It usually costs $400 dollars to get Botox in one area if you catch it soon enough you wont need more then one area or two (but believe me you will want more when you see the outcome). It lasts for up to 4 months on most people (I use my face a lot so sometimes need it at 3 1/2 months - so you can only imagine the kind of disaster I am beginning to look like now after 5 months, and I will post a current pic of me today, right out of bed with no makeup!!! Still though, not terribly atrocious because at the last visit I did get Restylane and Perlayne (it is discussed in detail in the video), they are fillers and have not worn out yet, in another two months I will look like and 85 year old woman. Haha! (that is, if I don't get to Dr. Bill)

If you mention me and my site Dr. Bill will give you one area for free in addition to the one paid area - which is just awesome!!! Please try it, it does wear off if you decide you don't like it, but there is no way you won't like it with Dr. B doing it.

Also he is having a little cocktail party this month on Oct 14th at the Madison Avenue Salon. Please go if you can as you see by the enclosed invitation he is offering a certificate for a free treatment of Dysport which is the newer (some say better) version of Botox. You get it for FREE people... don't have to buy a thing what?! Yeah, I hate that I am on the road or, I would be there with bells on. Please watch the video, and please treat yourself to Dr. Bill you will be glad you did once you do, I beg you to tweet me or Facebook me and let me know how much you LOVE him!!! have fun xoxoxox

PS. Some of the pics shown will not be a huge difference but they are from the past three years pics of me as the Botox and other treatments are wearing off and when they were new you decide which is which I think it is pretty obvious – and most of these pics were taken on the road so forgive the crudeness of the photos! Good Luck and Good Face!

Botox Photo
Botox PhotoBotox PhotoBotox PhotoBotox PhotoBotox Photo

Watch the video of me getting Botox! (not for those with weak stomachs)

Most Recent Photo, 5 weeks after treatment!


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