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What to expect from this page in the future…
All sorts of fun stuff!!! (We will try to update you as we add new stuff if you will just sign up for updates.)

S.A.D. LiBs (my version of my child hood fav.), recipes, secret dude trivia (yeah I have infiltrated the male world and I have some really good info for ya), lady facts (yeah guys simple instructions to dealing with the shit that makes you nuts), blogs from my dog Aldo (he needs an outlet…since he does live with me full time).

In the mean time, check out the new "awesome stuff" tab, I've been getting some documenting my life recently and have two new entries... one is about this awesome product I've been using, DynaMAXX, and the other is my experience getting facial treatments with Dr. OMG, I know, but I video-taped the whole thing so you can see... check it out!


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